Latest News at Stubcroft

Amenity Block

Our long awaited new Amenity Block is now open for the 2016 season. The block features plenty of showers, toilets, washbasins, washing up sinks and even hairdryers and underfloor heating. There is also a larger reception area with a campsite shop stocking a wide range of groceries, cold drinks, ice creams and general camping supplies. For full details see our site facilities page.

(June 2016)


Lambing has started and after a very soggy wet start conditions are beginning to dry out much to the relief of both ourselves & the sheep!

(March 2014)

New shower and toilets - update

Work has commenced on the new shower & toilet block but unfortunately the wettest winter on record has caused major problems with the groundworks which has considerably slowed progress.

(March 2014)

New shower and toilets

For the 2013 season we've installed two new toilet cubicles and one new shower to improve our facilities for the year - and at the close of the year we will begin construction of the eco-friendly shower and toilet block for 2014/15 (see below).

(June 2013)

Summer is coming

The days are growing longer and the summer holidays are soon to begin. Make sure to book in advance at peak times to ensure a carefree summer getaway.

(June 2013)

Lambing has started!

The 2013 Lambing season has started amidst blizzards and snow. For the next 3-4 weeks we will be up all hours of the day & night checking the newborn lambs and assisting the ewes during difficult births. Due to the refusal of Chichester District council to grant planning permission for a new lambing shed, we will be again lambing outdoors and under these conditions there is a much greater risk to the lambs from hypothermia. To help reduce this the new born lambs are put in plastic “lamb macs” to try to keep them warm & dry.

(March 2013)

Stubcroft Sightsavers appeals raise over £300 towards preventing & curing blindness in developing nations

We have managed to raise over £300 for the Sightsavers charity during the previous season from our “gadget” charging service & charity box. The money has been raised by the generosity of our campers. We offer a service to charge mobile phones, ipods & ipads, computers & tablets etc. at reception. We do not charge for this service but ask that a donation is given to our “Sightsavers” charity box. This can be as little or as much as you want, any donation however small is gratefully received.

Sightsavers is a charity working across many third world countries whose aim is to both cure sight problems such as cataracts and prevent problems occurring such as river blindness. It is a good charity where a small amount of money can provide life changing cures for people affected by these conditions & help them live a full & productive life in the future. Please see their website for full details of their work.

(March 2013)

Planning permission granted for new environmentally- friendly shower and toilet block

After many years of obstruction and prolonged bureaucracy from the local Parish Council & Chichester District Council (which has cost local taxpayers many thousands of pounds in appeals), we have finally got planning permission for our new environmentally friendly shower & toilet block on the campsite. The building is designed to be as environmentally neutral as possible incorporating solar thermal heating and heat pumps, water saving technology, photovoltaic electricity generation, heat recovery and insulation, rainwater collection and recycling for toilet flushing & a biodigester. Over the past years many of our regular campers and local residents have wondered at the lack of support from the local councils for such a project - one that David Cameron & his government have been vociferously trying to encourage; a project that will stimulate the local economy and jobs, benefit the local environment and reduce the countries dependence on fossil fuels.

We had hoped to get this up and running for the 2013 season but delays by the council have made this unlikely now. A hoped for European support grant (administered by the local councils!) towards the additional cost of some of the environmentally friendly technology for the building has also been refused. This means that some of the more expensive hoped for technology such as heat pumps may be have to be upgraded at some point in the future unless we can find an alternative source of funding. The overall build cost has also been inflated by a raft of legislation and time consuming regulation which, whilst the ultimate aims are admirable, are complex and completely out of proportion for a simple single storey building such as this and add a considerable cost to the project. (Most of this is “gold plating” from our own council & government departments and not from Europe as they often like to shift the blame!). So much for the Governments promises to encourage & help sustainable development! Forgive the rant but this is a major problem for many other small businesses like ourselves. Nevertheless we are soldiering on with the project and when completed will be a major asset to the campsite & local environment.

(February 2013)

(August 2012)

>> Campsite guests enjoyed the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics on a special outdoor screen set up near the campsite. The area had a lovely party atmosphere as many stayed up late into the night watching the impressive spectacle.