Environmental Projects at Stubcroft

Stubcroft Farm is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, family farm and the campsite is run in keeping with that ethos. Wherever possible we use Fairtrade and Organic produce and work hard to keep the grounds and the surrounding fields a suitable habitat for wildlife. We have planted new conservation hedges and trees to provide more shelter and privacy. There is a wealth of wildlife on the farm with over 72 species of birds identified; deer, hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits, rare butterflies and much more.

At Stubcroft we have a range of environmental projects either completed or under way. Our aim is to make Stubcroft as sustainable & environmentally friendly as possible and so each year, a proportion of our profits are invested back in environmentally friendly projects.

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A Ewe and Lambs

A KestrelAn Adonis Blue Butterfly

A Barn OwlA Duke of Burgundy Butterfly


Hedge & Tree Planting






Solar Power

Sustainable Living



Tedding in the fields

A Nestbox in the garden

Megan the sheepdog

The snow-fall in 2011

Freshly stacked hay bales

Megan the sheepdog

Shearing the sheep in summer