Charity Fundraising

At Stubcroft we support various charities both within the UK and abroad. Here are a few of our chosen charities and the reasons we think they are worth supporting. We have included links to their websites should you wish to make a personal donation.


Sightsavers is a charity working across many developing countries whose aim is to both cure sight problems such as cataracts and prevent problems occurring such as river blindness. It is a good charity where a small amount of money can provide life changing surgery or cures for people affected by these conditions and help them live a full & productive life in the future.



A charity helping disaster & famine relief throughout the world.



Save the Children and the NSPCC

Two children's charities one helping vulnerable children abroad, the other helping vulnerable children in the UK.

Promise Nepal

A small local charity based in Chichester tackling leprosy in Nepal.


Water Aid

A charity committed to provide safe drinking water in third world countries, something we take for granted every day in the UK.

The Red Cross

A charity providing medical aid & disaster relief across the world.

Amnesty International

A charity opposing discrimination, intolerance, violence & abuse across the world & fighting for human rights of those prisoners of conscience who have been unjustly imprisoned & tortured for their beliefs.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is an international charity, providing humanitarian aid around the world like free health care, community development projects, community health education, mental health programs, agriculture projects, and palliative care for terminally ill patients.

Salvation Army

A UK based charity helping homeless people.

and of course, GREENPEACE

A charity dedicated to preserving the environment & holding large corporations to account over environmental issues. Please see (insert hyperlink) for full details of their work. Simon was one of the early photographers for Greenpeace during the 1980's donating his spare time & resources to promoting some of their causes.

Mercy Ships