Wildflowers Back Go Back

Over the past few years we have also been planting and encouraging wild flowers & herbs in the hedgerow areas. The idea is to provide protected “seed bank” areas where the wild flower seeds may thrive and disperse into the local environment. These wild flowers are a source of pollen & nectar for many wild butterflies, other insects and especially our own bees. In turn they provide food for birds and higher predators such as kestrels & sparrowhawks. Species planted and thriving include snowdrops, bluebells, mullein, plantain, foxgloves, sweet rocket, cornflower, campion, ragged robin, aconites, betony, vetch, bugloss, primrose, comfrey, corn cockle, feverfew, fleabane, forget me not, hawkbit, honeysuckle and many more. We have also planted some wild herbs such as lemon balm, borage, wild mint, wild thyme and others. These provide an ever changing background during the spring & summer months.

Bryony - BlackViper's BuglossMeadow Cranesbill

Great MulleinRagged RobinField Bindweed

Corn MarigoldCommon PoppyRosebay Willowherb


Field Scabious

Scarlet Pimpernel