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We have six environmentally friendly "ecoloos" on the campsite field, which save between 1000 and 2000 gallons of water on a busy summer holiday weekend. Over a season this amounts to many hundreds of thousands of gallons of water saved. It is estimated that water depletion due to abstraction, has caused lowering of UK water tables and over 7000 rivers and streams to dry up in the UK over the past 75 years. As well as saving water, they do not generate any sewage to pollute the environment. It is estimated in the UK that we generate 7 billion gallons of sewage a day. Most of this is discharged into rivers and the sea after treatment, but the effluent still contains much that contributes to pollution of our rivers and coastal areas. The ecoloos are completely self contained and the final compost is used to grow trees & hedges, producing a long term carbon sink. The ecoloos are built from renewable wood and also lit by solar power so are completely self contained.

We have recently finished our new MK. II ecoloos, with improved features. The new ecoloos are designed to be easily moved and incorporate some new design features from Scandinavia. These features include new “urine diverting” toilet seats, insect screens to eliminate summer flies, washbasins and a ventilating soil pipe to greatly reduce any residual odours. The Ecoloos have been constructed from renewable materials such as timber and will incorporate solar powered lighting.

Stubcroft Farm took the initiative over 15 years ago introducing the first Ecoloos and we hope that the new “Mark 2 “ versions will encourage even more people to try this environmentally friendly toilet system. Whilst the original Ecoloos proved popular with the majority of campers and have saved many hundreds of thousands of gallons of water some campers refused to try them. The new Ecoloos incorporate lessons learned from the original Ecoloos and it is hoped that these improvements will make camping at Stubcroft a more pleasant & environmentally friendly experience.